Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Going to Guild - Fundraising

We didn't have our normal guild meeting this month because of Labor Day, but we did have a special "business only" meeting to discuss fundraising.

In the past, our guild has kept dues extremely low (when I joined it was $15 a year with no commitments) and made a raffle quilt every other year to support the programs budget.  As time went on and our guild grew, the programs moved from members who shared a skill to locals who charged a small fee to hiring regional and national speakers who bring professional classes, lectures, and trunk shows.  Dues have gone up a smidge, but the raffle quilt is making about the same amount or less, and fewer people are taking steps to make the quilt and sell the tickets.

This meeting was to discuss the direction the guild should move for fundraising, and I would love to hear how your guild does it.

Some of the options discussed include:
  • Variations of raising dues, making a raffle quilt (with and without mandatory ticket sales), and making homemade items to sell at our show (Star Wares)
  • The "cash only" option of raising dues a lot ($62/year) and having no other obligations
  • Keep dues the same and go back to having a couple of local speakers with members filling in the rest of the programs
I've made up a short poll.  Please click through and share what your guild does.  Even if you do not currently belong to a guild, the last few questions focus on what you would like to do or what you think would work best.

Does your guild require anything else of you besides dues.  Volunteer hours?  Quilts or other small items to be sold or auctioned?  This is the only guild I've ever joined, so I really would love to know how it works in your neck of the woods.

I'll share the results of the poll and how our guild voted next week.

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