Friday, September 2, 2011

Hosting the WannaBees

It was my turn to welcome the WannaBees, and I was glad to see everyone again so soon.

No one brought their own projects this time because we had some serious work to do.  Our group quilt, WannaBee at the Ocean, was accepted into the East Cobb Quilt Guild Show.  The dropoff deadline is Sunday, but ever since we saw it hanging at our guild's show Lene has wanted to fix the binding.

It looks fine to me, but I'm a "galloping horse" kind of girl. 

The other thing that has been bugging Lene is that there is one ribbon.  No one knows what to do with it.  For Ben and Lene, it might just be one more to hang in the collection; however, this is probably my only chance to have a blue ribbon from a quilt show.  So Lene and Jodi, who were on the committee that made the ribbons, generously offered to help all of us make our own duplicate ribbons.  We finally got around to that today, so now I can proudly show off my awards!

It's a green thang!  Recycled CDs give the ribbons a little backbone.  I couldn't believe how many we all had lying around!

Also recycled:  cardboard from cereal boxes for the foundation.

No, that red isn't for us.  Lene and Jodi are so generous, they felt we should make some for the second place group winners as well.  

 And here we are, the WannaBees, each with our own blue ribbon at last!


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