Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gifts From the Studio - Tag It!

This week's gift from the studio is a mini fabric postcard that can be used as a gift tag.  In your family circle, these could be returned to you and reused every year, or they can be used by the recipient as an ornament.

While stashbusting, I found that I have an abundance of Christmas fabric.  I'm not sure why, especially since several of them are not high quality material.  I suspect that I had big crafty plans for them when I made my purchases.  Either that, or fabric really is reproducing on my shelves!

While writing this post, I realized my link to the basic instructions for fabric postcards has been taken down.  I guess Deb really did give up blogging.

You will need:
  1. Cute fabric for the front
  2. Any embellishments you'd like to add
  3. Something for the middle.  You can use batting.  I like Timtex Fast2Fuse Heavyweight or Peltex 72 - double sided fusible is best so you don't have to fuse your own, but it is sometimes hard to find.  I got mine on my visit to A Scarlet Thread.
  4. Fusible web if you couldn't find the double sided fusible.
  5. Pressing sheet so your iron and ironing board don't get gunked up (yes, that's the technical term)
  6. White muslin or other neutral backing fabric that you can write on
  7. Pigma pen or other fabric safe pen
  8. Sewing machine, coordinating thread, etc.
I roughly cut out my designs and fused them to the Timtex or Peltex.  

    Then I cut them out more precisely and fused them down to the white muslin.  Cut them out and stitch a narrow, tight zig-zag stitch around the edges.  I chain pieced these and just left them in my machine for whenever I had a spare 5 minutes to whip out a few. 

    Now you can add your message to the back.  For those I don't expect to get back, like the ones I will put on cookies or pet treats, I just wrote a general "Happy Holidays from Quiltin' Jenny" type message.  For our immediate family, I wrote to and from messages so I can reuse them each year.

    The very last thing is to add any embellishments that are dimensional.  I chose not to spend the time on that for this project, but for a birthday postcard they really add a lot of pizzazz.

    What gifts are you making in your studio this week?  Please link up for show and tell!


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