Wednesday, September 21, 2011

East Cobb Quilt Guild Show - Georgia Celebrates Quilts - Last One!

One last post about the East Cobb show.  There were some amazing vendors there!  It was interesting to watch the ebb and flow of each booth while we rounded up the WannaBees for lunch.

Here you can see just one of the three sections of vendors.   With 26 different booths, there was something for everyone.  You could barely even get into the All That Thread booth.  They had a great selection of Aurifil threads, and the quilters were swarming!

Of course I had to stop by and say hi to my friends Jan and Kristin at Fiber on a Whim.  I bought a set of Shiva Paint Sticks in the autumn colors.  I've always wanted to try these out, and Kristin says this is one of the most common color sets.  Have you used these?  Do you put them on before or after quilting?  I'll be experimenting.

Last, we fell in love with the hats from Cast-On Cottage.  I didn't catch Lene with her gorgeous blue one, but Lynn (as always) and Laura (the newest WannaBee) were willing models.

Lynn wants this to be the new uniform, but I don't wear hats well.  Ben said he had to put his foot down on this one issue!


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