Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holiday Grand Plan Week 2 - Answer Me This

It's Week 2 of the Holiday Grand Plan!

Last week I made my list and checked it twice.  I know which gifts have to be mailed by when and how many teacher thank yous I need to pick up.  I have lists of meals for the freezer, goodies to share, and gifts from my studio to try - all of which I hope to share with you.  We're still working on getting the front door area looking great after having some overgrown bushes removed, but it's tidy and spiderweb free.

This week is Question Week, when we sit down with our families and decide what holiday traditions are truly important to us, which ones just stress us out, and what new ones we might like to add in.  I gave up sending paper Christmas cards several years ago because of the stress, cost, and paper waste.   I'm connected to everyone on my list electronically now and, although I love to receive them, had to move cards off my list of priorities.  One tradition I will never give up is making the Italian cookies with my mom and kids.  Something I hope to add is a small gathering of Gracie's friends to make cookies or mini gingerbread houses.   We'll have a family meeting tonight over dinner to see what everyone else thinks.

It's also the week when we deep clean the living room.  I no longer have a living room since we added built-in bookshelves and a desk.  It's my office, and the second worst room to deep clean besides our bedroom/my studio space.  Every year I vow to get it organized; every year I make a little more headway.  Organized is just a dream.

Add extra flour, sugar, vanilla, and other baking supplies to your grocery list this week and stash them in the pantry.  Nothing ruins a Norman Rockwell-esque cookie baking session like realizing you are out of baking soda.

Last, this week we will start making an extra meal to put away in the freezer for those crazy early-December days when menu planning can send you over the edge.  I hope to share a recipe or idea each Saturday to help get you going.  Please link up if you are Grand Planning along with me or if you have a recipe to share.

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