Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WIP Wednesday - More One Hour Baskets

It's graduation time, and for once I am on top of the gift situation - maybe because none of my children are involved!

This year, all but one of the graduates we know are girls. The boy will just get a card and a check, but I wanted to do something a little more fun for the ladies. I decided to make them each a One Hour Basket, which is a free pattern on Craftsy.

There was a perfectly timed sale on home dec weight fabrics at JoAnn's (50% off!), so I didn't spend a lot and have some leftovers.  These baskets really do take just about an hour. I spent a little more time since I did some light quilting on the exterior of the basket, but I found I could make one basket in about one and a half episodes of The Good Wife on Hulu.

I stuffed each basket with a some goodies: a small first aid kit, some Scotch Removable Mounting Squares, and a few treats.

I've got two down and one to go. Shoutout to The University of Alabama at Birmingham for having a color guide on their website!

P.S. I just visited Kelby's blog and found that there is a new pattern called Friends of the One Hour Basket. I am in love! I have just found the perfect use for the leftovers!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Going to Guild - Becky Goldsmith

Monday, May 2 was guild night, and our speaker was Becky Goldsmith of Piece O' Cake. She came into town and taught an applique class based on this quilt, Welcome to the North Pole.

Her program was largely about using color, which she uses in surprising ways in her quilts. This quilt is called "Tile Tango," and is from the book The Quilter's Practical Guide to Color. Do you notice the block in the lower right corner?

This quilt is called "Button Box," and it's from the book Piecing the Piece O' Cake Way. I love this quilt but am not a fan of curved piecing. I would need a really good reason to make this quilt! But isn't it so cute?

Becky also introduced us to Adobe Capture, and app that allows you to pull design details from photographs. I'll be playing with this more and doing a review once I get to know it better. Do you use it?

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Longer post later, but both my boys arrived home from college Friday afternoon, so I am enjoying the best Mother's Day gift ever - all five of us under one roof again.

Hope all the mamas out there have a great day!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Better Late Than Never

I know, it's not technically Wednesday anymore, but this is what I was working on yesterday when it was Wednesday so I'm counting it.

This week has been pretty exciting with some actual sewing going on in my new studio. The first order of business is piecing the back for my father-in-law's Christmas Father's Day gift.

Remember this technique that Dianne Knott shared? It totally worked!

Again, the picture quality is terrible but you get the gist.

I had enough scraps to piece in the horizontal strip and create the bit of patchwork for the remaining gap.

I even used the binding strips as leaders and enders, so I don't have that chore in front of me!

Monday is guild night, so I can bring the top and back to Lene to quilt. Can you believe it?

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Design Wall

I've started moving things into my new studio and planning out the space. One thing I knew I wanted was a large design wall. I'm a very visual person, and seeing my work in front of me helps me figure out what the next step should be, which fabric or border is right, and saves me a lot of seam ripping. One other awesome thing about a design wall: when my projects are in plain sight instead of folded away in a drawer, they are less likely to become UFOs. Not that I have a problem with that. But I've heard about it. From friends. 

I searched for ways to add a design wall and found a few interesting looking tutorials. I've been saving these to my "Studio Dreams" Pinterest board for years. Eventually I settled on a combination of a few methods. Luckily The Pit Boss was in the mood for a project, so off we went to Home Depot.

My wall space is about ten feet long with eight foot ceilings. A lot of the soundproofing or other insulation comes in eight foot lengths, which sounds perfect until you remember things like molding and outlets and such. Also, as TPB pointed out, I can't reach eight feet high, so there would be a lot of wasted space at the top if I went all the way to the ceiling.

I ended up buying two packages of this Insulfoam, which includes six sheets that are eight feet by just under fourteen inches and about 3/4" thick. It's meant to go between studs.

We bought packages totaling 72 Command Strips (medium) for picture hanging - this was the most expensive component of the project!

I also bought a plain roll of duct tape.

Last, we went to JoAnn's and bought five yards of half price batting while it was on sale. 

I cut the batting into three sections lengthwise and then in quarters widthwise, which left me with twelve pieces that were a few inches bigger all the way around than the insulation. I wrapped each piece of foam with the batting and secured all of the loose edges with duct tape. This took awhile, so thankfully Frances, Pam, Tanesha, and Daisy kept me company.

I placed six Command Strips on each piece of covered foam; one at each corner and two in the middle.

Then I carefully stuck them to the wall horizontally, five high and two wide, starting just above the outlets. I placed one and a partial one vertically on the end. I also have a leftover piece, which I covered as well, for transporting pieces or laying out a complicated block on my sewing table.

Tada! I'm very happy with the finished product, even if the pictures are not so fabulous. The lighting is one part of the project I am still working on.

I ended up spending right around $100 for a design space that is over nine feet long by about six feet high, and which could be moved without destroying the wall. If you could find the Command Strips for less (or if you didn't mind just nailing the pieces to the wall) it would be even less.

I've already put a project on it! I did have to pin these since they still have the paper on the back, but the pieces without paper stayed nicely even with the ceiling fan on. I'm so excited to have this awesome feature in my studio!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

***Breaking*** Birds in the Air to Debut at CES Quilt Show in September! ***

I have been keeping a little secret from you all and can't keep it in a moment longer!

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Frances from the Off Kilter Quilt podcast and blog. If you are a fan of Frances, then you surely also know that she is working on her first novel for adults, Birds in the Air.

I am thrilled to announce that Frances has agreed to kick off the book tour for Birds in the Air at the Stars N Stitches Quilt Show on September 24, 2016. Frances will read from the novel, sign and sell books, and show some of her own quilts.

I personally have been listening to Frances's podcast since the beginning but have never met her in person, even though we don't live that far apart. I can't wait to meet her in person and see some of her quilts in real life!

We would love to see you there as well!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Call for Quilts! Time for Another Quilt Show!

I can hardly believe that it's already time for another quilt show! We have been planning for several months already. I'm excited to see some of the new ideas become reality. Stars N Stitches will be held on Friday and Saturday, September 23-24, 2016 at Lakewood 400 in Cumming, Georgia.

If you have been thinking about putting a quilt in a show but are concerned about the judging or feeling like your quilt isn't good enough for a show, then this is the one for you. Don't get me wrong - we will have some gorgeous quilts on display. For example, if you come to our show you will get to see Elizabeth Frolet's quilt that won a ribbon at Paducah! However, we will also have our share of first quilts, quilts made by kids, and others that will make yours feel right at home.

Our show is juried, but not judged. What does that mean exactly? Well, a judged show has at least one quilt judge who will examine each quilt and critique it, awarding ribbons based on his or her feedback.

A juried show is one where you submit a description and photo of your quilt, and the "jury" (a few quilt show committee volunteers) decide if it fits the theme of the show. Our show's theme is "let's show off some quilts and buy stuff!", so as long as it's actually a quilt, you're probably good. The only time this would be a real issue is if we had too many entries. That has never happened before. Not saying it couldn't happen, but there you have it.

At our show, most of the ribbons are awarded by a vote of the membership at our preview party the night before the show officially opens.

We also have a few "Sponsor's Choice" ribbons, where our top sponsors choose their favorite quilts. Since not all of our sponsors are quilty people, you never know which quilt might win one of these.

Attendees get to vote for the "Viewer's Choice" ribbon that is awarded at the close of the show.

As you can tell, this isn't a high pressure situation.  To find out more about entering your quilt in our show, please visit the Chattahoochee Evening Stars Quilt Guild website. We'd love you have you join us!

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