Sunday, October 12, 2014

Houseworks Holiday Plan - Week 7></a><br />
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It's Week 7!

How did you do last week with your wardrobe? After the quilt show closed Sunday night, I spent the rest of the week catching up and didn't make much progress with my extra stuff, but now I'm ready to get back to it.

This week we're focusing on the master bathroom and the linen closets. I don't keep many extra linens around, but I do know that my guest bath towels are about ready to be replaced. I'll also be keeping an eye out for a new dining room table cloth. The one I have isn't that bad yet, but I'm to the point where I'll replace it if I find a bargain.

My master bath is due for a deep cleaning. Once again, our room is the one that gets put off until last. It will be nice to have drawers and cabinets clean and organized.

I'm trying to get my shopping done for the California side of the family. They are the only ones whose gifts I mail every year, and shipping early saves a lot of money and stress!

What have you checked off your list that makes you happiest so far? What is nagging you to still be done?

Friday, October 10, 2014

FAL Q4 Goals - Just a Formality

Finish Along 2014

I'm linking up my list for Q4 of the Finish Along, but at this point I accept that it's only a formality.

The only item on my list will be the Spider Web quilt (again!), and I know there's virtually no chance I'll get it done by December 31. That's because I have a super secret project that HAS TO be done by Christmas. That project can't go on my list because I haven't even found fabric I'm happy with.

So here's the picture of my lonely UFO, which will still be a UFO in 2015.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

#TBT - Throwback Thursday - Home Sweet Home

Quiltin Jenny

It's Throwback Thursday here at Quiltin' Jenny, and I hope you'll link up and share your own creative adventures from your pre-blogging days.

Today's project is another quilt my mom made. This one was for a guild challenge a few years ago, and the requirement was that it have a home on it somewhere. Mom decided to let Gracie draw different types of homes, and then applique blocks from the drawings.

These turned out so cute! One was a birdhouse.

One was a dog house, featuring a beagle in memory of our sweet Divot.

One was a tree house.

One was a teepee. This quilt is not very big, but holds so many memories of Gracie and Mom's crafty escapades. Mom gave it to Grace, and I'm sure she will treasure it even more when she is older.

I'm sure you have an undocumented quilt in your house that needs its own blog post, so link up!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Houseworks Holiday Plan - Week 6 - Wardrobe Week></a><br />
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It's Week 6! Time to make sure everyone's clothes are ready for parties, pictures, and other special events.

Once again, this is one of those times when scaling back pays off. We don't get really dressed up for any of the holidays, and I don't do a family photo. We are making sure My Middle Child (MMC) has nice threads for the Homecoming Dance next weekend, so he'll be set if we have some unexpected fancy party. We decluttered closets when they cleaned their rooms right before school started, but I will go through the coat closet and give my laundry room a good scrubbing.

The Pit Boss and I have been brainstorming some gift ideas for the kids; as always, we're totally stumped for our parents. It's the annual struggle. They mean so much to us that it's hard to express. Everything we come up with seems so insufficient.

As for work gift swaps, we don't do too much, but my closest coworker and I have come up with a couple of ideas that we may do together for a few of our favorites.

I'm hoping that once the quilt show is over today I can focus on these tasks again. How are you doing with the plan?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fitness Friday - Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

It's Fitness Friday over at OzzyPip Quilts.

I'm trying to keep this in perspective. I look at my stats over the last week, and am disappointed that I haven't hit 10,000 steps any day this week.

But then I look back over the last four months since my surgery, and I can see that I am making progress.  It's a little two steps forward, one step back, but it's still progress.

Things I learned this week:

  • The One Direction concert didn't count for enough steps to account for how tired I was.
  • The day after the concert I was hopeless.
  • I may be in tenth place among my friends, but I'm still ahead of The Pit Boss and Grace!

How is your fitness journey going?

FAL Q3 Wrap Up - Batting .500

Finish Along 2014

It's time to check in and see how the third quarter of our Finish Along is going. I finished one of two projects on my summer list.

My Spider Web quilt has hardly been touched, but the Star Surround quilt is all done and dropped off for the quilt show!

This little heart motif is my own design, and I'm feeling really pleased with myself that it fills this strange little space just how I wanted. 

I'm really happy with the way this came out. Of course, the quilting isn't perfect when I look at it close up, but after washing and drying it I love the texture of the white spaces.

I am still wondering if the other areas should have been quilted more densely. See how the green fabric looks a little baggy? It's not as obvious face on, and I'm not sure what I'd do there. Any thoughts?

I'm also linking up with TGIFF!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

#TBT - Throwback Thursday - Take it From Here

Quiltin Jenny

It's Throwback Thursday here at Quiltin' Jenny, and I hope you'll link up and share your own creative adventures from your pre-blogging days.

Today I have no project to share. Today I'm recovering from the concert last night and barely functioning. I thought I auto-posted, but no.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to link up, though, so I'm going to let you take it from here.

I'll be over here just resting my eyes for a moment and trying to regain my hearing.

Do you have an old mature holiday craft to share with us this week?

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