Sunday, September 25, 2011

Holiday Grand Plan Week 5 - The Master Bath

It's Week 5 of the Holiday Grand Plan!

How does your master bedroom look?  Mine is not immaculate, but I did wash everything on my bed (pillows, mattress cover, dust ruffle, etc) and vacuum under the bed before reassembling.  It feels cleaner in there even if it is not perfect.

This week we move onto the master bath.  Last year I did a pretty thorough reorganization of this, and I'm glad to say I've done a better job of keeping this area neat.  This year should just be some cleaning and pitching some stuff that's a little too old.

Of course this week we are also continuing on with the freezer meal, batch of goodies, and working an hour a day on handmade gifts.  We are also going to buy and wrap another 1/8 of our gift list.  I'm finding some great bargains by liking a few key facebook pages and getting alerts of some terrific sales.  Yesterday, for example, The Gap had all their sale items marked down an additional 50% off - including jeans!  Always a bonus with boys who are growing like weeds.

This is the week where we go through the kids' toys to donate.  While you're doing this, it's a great time to make lists of anything they might like for the holidays.  You know the grandparents are going to ask.

Also, check to see that everyone has appropriate attire for all of your holiday functions.  What are they going to wear for the family photo (if you take one)?  Keep an eye out for sales to fill in any missing components.  Make sure you have a list of their sizes for any family members who ask or in case you stumble across the bargain of the century.

If you're HGP-ing along with me, link up below!

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