Sunday, September 18, 2011

Holiday Grand Plan Week 4 - Master Your Surroundings

It's Week 4 of the Holiday Grand Plan! 

How did Week 3 go for you?  I'm so sorry I didn't get either of my freezer recipes posted.  My week got a little crazy, and yesterday I realized that I hadn't updated or published any of those posts.  Let's call it brain freeze and move along.

This week we are going to deep clean the Master Bedroom.  This is my pit of despair.  (bonus points to anyone who gets the movie reference.)  I'm curious about other people - I have a friend who always cleans her room first, because she feels more in control and well rested when the master bedroom is serene and clean.  I think that's probably a really good plan.  I, however, am of the mindset that my room is the last place guests will possibly see, and so it can be saved for last when I'm cleaning.  Which means that it doesn't always get done, and it's the dumping ground for a lot of stuff I haven't decided what to do with.  What do you do?  Is your bedroom a sanctuary?

In addition to our freezer meal and our batch of holiday goodies to share, this week we are also going to start buying 1/8 of our gift list and wrapping.  Holy cow!  That's when you know it's time to get serious.  Remember that list you made back in Week 1 of all the people you shop for?  Let's divide that list by 8 and take care of that many people this week.  Hint:  it's probably simplest to shop for the ones who get gift cards or who have a wish list on Amazon.  Ease your way into this like dipping your toes in the swimming pool.

Also:  spend an hour a day working on any handmade gifts you are planning.

Last, take a look at your table and bath linens and see what needs replacing.  You don't have to buy them all this week, but have a list of what you'd like for when the really good Kohl's coupon comes out.
There are less than 100 days until Christmas.

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