Thursday, April 24, 2014

#TBT - Throwback Thursday - Works of Heart

Quiltin Jenny

It's Throwback Thursday here at Quiltin' Jenny, and I hope you'll link up and share your own creative adventures from your pre-blogging days.

I think I've told you about my volunteer work with SHARE Atlanta before. Back in the my earliest quilting days, I made a quilt to use on tables at in-services and other special events. This was truly primitive applique and very light hand quilting. I used the newly minted double heart logo and the phrase that always sums up this group for me: "the love stays...forever in our hearts."

A few years later, my BQF Pam and I decided we should do a group quilt that anyone could be a part of. We mailed muslin squares and instructions to anyone who asked. I really wish I had close up pictures of some of the blocks. There's cross stitch, fabric paint, buttons, applique - a little of everything. We also included some scanned and printed photos of a few special events.

Pam and I pieced this together and then she quilted it. Looking back, I can't believe we did this. Neither of us had ever machine quilted before, and we were terrified! But it turned out great, and now another SHARE Atlanta mom is working to create a new quilt.

This Saturday SHARE Atlanta members will participate in the March for Babies event. If you would like to donate to the team's fundraising efforts, you can visit their March of Dimes Team Page.

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