Monday, June 30, 2008


Is there anything so wonderful as a newly finished quilt, fresh from the dryer? Anything so soothing or infused with love? I don't think so.

Yes, Piper's quilt is done. As in "done done." All the way done. Bound, with a label. Wrapped even. Good thing since we will be seeing them on Saturday and the entire extended family is expecting to see it!

I think is perfect. I quilted it with this yummy lime green variegated thread in a spiral pattern to emphasize the illusion of curves. The spiral is very primitive and imperfect in an effort to break up the geometry of the blocks. (Okay, and because I was too lazy to mark it!)

I decided to name the quilt "Circle of Love." If you look closely around the edge of the label, I added the quote, "Our family is a circle of love and strength. With every birth and every union the circle grows. Every joy shared adds more love. Every obstacle faced together makes the circle stronger." [author unknown].

I found this quote especially apt since, as I mentioned, we haven't always been particularly close with this side of the family. We all get along, but we just don't see each other that often and aren't entwined in one another's lives. Over the last couple of years that has begun to change, especially since Andi's wedding (Piper's mommy) when almost everyone was able to come and make it into a sort of reunion. Also, Andi's brother is newly engaged, the last of the grandchildren to be married, while the first great-grandchild is spreading her wings as she finishes her first year of college. Then my father-in-law faced a health crisis over the last several months and I have taken the lead on sending updates to his extended family. The Independence Day picnic has always been a reunion in memory of Granddaddy and Grandmama G, but I know this year's will be particularly sentimental. Piper arrived not a moment too soon, and we are thrilled to get our hands on her, pass her around, coo over her tiny fingers and toes, and argue about whom she looks like.
It's the everyday miracles that make us appreciate life, even in the challenging moments. I hope you have a moment today that fills you with joy, even if it's as simple as opening the dryer door on a newly finished quilt.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dust on my Sewing Machine

Yes, there's dust on my sewing machine.
The last two months have gone by in a blur with some family issues that just needed my attention. Sad to say, my quilting is the first thing to go when I am short on time. Is that how it works at your house? I've added a poll. I think that's strange in a way, since I feel that quilting is my therapy; however, the physical layout of my sewing area means that I can't work without waking someone else when I have insomnia .
Cousin Andi had a baby girl on May 18. Piper is cute as pie with lots of dark hair. Next weekend I'll finally get to meet her in person. I hope she loves her lime green quilt. It is almost done, so I have no choice but to dust off the machine and get back to work!
I also got our king sized anniversary quilt back from the longarmer and need to put on the binding. I've never made a quilt larger than about twin size before, so this is a major accomplishment. Of course, it feels like wrestling with a cotton crocodile!
I hope you are all enjoying the lazy days of summer.
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