Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is too hilarious!

I know, I haven't posted in ages and I was just about to post later after I go to my bee group today. I have lots to tell you since my sewing machine up and DIED on me. (Yes, I am taking recommendations for what to buy next. I think it will be my 40th birthday present. Hopefully early since that isn't for MONTHS!)

But I found this meme on Kate's blog (not that Kate, another Kate) and tried it myself and it is a scream! Just google "unfortunately, [your name]" with quotes and see what comes up. Who knew Jen was so popular? Here are my top 10 favorites.
  1. Unfortunately Jen has had to withdraw from the Australian Open
  2. Unfortunately, Jen's characters tend to remain emotionally remote.
  3. Unfortunately, Jen insisted on horning in on Christina's reward by eavesdropping on her lunch
  4. Unfortunately Jen's Paragliding was cancelled due to bad weather!
  5. Unfortunately, Jen is also quite small and could easily be harmed. He is also very unsure of himself at many times. [He????]
  6. Unfortunately, Jen isn’t sure about what happened and so she uses her reporter skills to solve the mystery.
  7. Unfortunately, Jen's friends aren't helping matters. [I knew it was all YOUR fault!]
  8. Unfortunately, Jen knows nothing about computers which makes it rather difficult for her to complete her job.
  9. Unfortunately, Jen’s metrosexual ex-boyfriend GARRETT doesn’t like the clear attraction between Jen and David.
  10. Unfortunately, Jen, I think IT people are all going to be Left Behind.
What a great waste of time. I am in a much better mood than I was 15 minutes ago. You simply must try it yourself and link back.

I'll check back in with the scoop from bee.
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