Friday, September 28, 2012

Quilt Show High!

The quilt show was this past weekend, and I'm finally coming down from my cloud. A little bit.

Winning is quite the adrenaline rush!  No, none of my quilts won on their own.  But the WannaBees kept the streak alive, winning Best Original Design and First Place for Group Quilts.  Later we were surprised to have a third ribbon added, for Members' Choice. 

You know what your mama used to tell you about lying down with dogs and getting fleas or birds of a feather or something about eagles and turkeys?  It's all true!  I am lucky enough to be in a bee with some amazingly talented quilters, so people assume I am also that talented.  (Shhhh!  Don't tell!) 

In the Small Applique category, Lene won first place for Rhythm of the Sea.  This quilt also took the ribbon for Best Individual Machine Quilting. 

Jodi won second in Small Applique for her gorgeous work on Cocoa Bunny Holds Court.   

Vicki won third place in the Large Pieced Category with her fabulous Black and White Surprise quilt.  I believe it is also hand quilted!  (Attendance was so high that I didn't get to keep a program.  Good problem to have, but I miss my notes.)

Then Lene won again for Autumn in the Air - first place in the Mixed Technique category.

Congratulations to my fellow WannaBees and all of the quilters who won.  There was some very tough competition this year, and I count myself blessed just to hang out with all of you!

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