Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Going to Guild - Mary Stori

How cool is this jacket?
Last week was our April guild meeting, and our speaker was Mary Stori. I knew her name, but wasn't entirely familiar with her work before this program.

Mary did a great combination of slides and actual quilts that made for a wonderful mix of information and eye candy. I am in awe of the detail and work she puts into the beading on her quilts. It was incredible! It is worth clicking on these pictures to see them more closely, and to notice the little details she includes. Check out the beaded border on the one above and the beaded binding on this one below.

Mary also uses some larger stones and gems on her quilts, like this one below. That little "pyramid" beading on the binding just kills me! 

I can't get over this amethyst. You can even buy this quilt! 

I was also excited to pass along the first of the WannaBee round robin blocks that I've worked on. Only six more to go.

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