Monday, April 14, 2014

FAL Q2 Goals - Let's Try This Again

Finish Along 2014

It's time to announce those second quarter goals for the FAL 2014. Hopefully this quarter will see an actual finish. Any finish will do!

Obviously I will still be working on the WannaBees Round Robin Challenge, which won't translate to any actual finishes by June.

What do I think I might get done this quarter?

  1. New throw pillows for the couch. (This one is a little of a cheat, because they are already almost finished, but I want them done by next Sunday when we are having some company over for Easter.)
  2. Do I dare put my spider web quilt on the list? I would love to get it done. I think if I commit to sewing at least a few seams every day I'd make it. Even if I only get the top finished this quarter, I will count that as a success.
  3. I should also get back to quilting my Star Surround. I abandoned this to finish Batman's quilt and never went back to it.

That's not the most ambitious list, but it seems possible for now. 

Have you linked up yet? Today is the last day!

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