Friday, August 5, 2011

Turn Turn Turn

Although it's only August 5th and it's still well over 90 degrees outside, I can feel the seasons beginning to turn.  That's sounds wrong, doesn't it?  I mean, the official start of fall is a good six weeks away!

But school and football equal fall to me.  Some people are all bent out of shape because school starts pretty early here in the south.  The transplanted Yankees especially are outraged, and like to go on and on about how they never started until after Labor Day. 

That is fine when you live in Michigan or New Jersey or Chicago where the water doesn't get warm until Fourth of July.  But here in HOTlanta, it is plenty warm enough to swim in May.  Sometimes even April. 

June is bliss.  The berries are ripe and the sun is shining.  It would be a sin to sit in a classroom and try to learn algebra.  Going back to school after Labor Day means being stuck there through most of June and completely missing those days when you should just be outside all day, from sunrise to fireflies.

Even though I was never very good at math, I know that 180 days = 180 days and there's no way around it.*  I do not want to spend June in the carpool line or urging my boys to study for exams.  I will not sacrifice June in exchange for the brutal days of August. 

It is so hot right now that no one even wants to go to the pool.  I've quit complaining about excessive xBox, TV, or computer time.  I go to the grocery store before 11 AM or forget it.  The deck is blazing on bare feet, so relaxing out there is out of the question.  All I want is air conditioning and ice water.

In fact, I mentioned today that the perfect school year would be out in time for Mother's Day weekend (what a gift!) and back in late July.  The former Ohioan I was talking to almost came through the phone line to strangle me. 

Don't get me wrong; I'm not "ready" for school to start.  I'd gladly have another month of sleeping late and forgetting what day it is.  But when it comes right down to it, I would gladly trade these last few weeks for the month of May. 

And to fall I say, bring it.

*I know, I know.  Homeschooling has many benefits.

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  1. I am so with you! Bring on the ice water and AC! We start back the 18th and while no one wants to start getting up early again, I think they are ready for the ac!!


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