Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Fresh Coat

I've been reading Kate of Centsational Girl's blog for about a year and getting those yearnings you begin to feel when a young man and a young woman...oh, wait, that's a different story.  THIS story is about the yearnings you feel when you see a great pattern or beautiful fabric or clever craft idea.  The yearning to make and create and plant and redo.  Yes, those.

Centsational Girl, in case you don't follow her (which you should), does some pretty awesome things with spray paint.  She uses other paints and different tools as well, but those things go ~ whoosh ~ right past me.  The spray paint projects are the ones that get my trigger finger itchy.

I decided to test out my shootin' skills with a project that could not possibly matter less, just in case I totally screwed it up.  These metal planters have been sitting under our deck rusting for...um...11 years since we moved in. 

I started off with my handy dandy Dremel tool.  Actually, I had to call The Pit Boss and ask him to bring it home from work since I've never even used it.  Then I went to continue my entertainment of the guys at my local Ace Hardware and find the right attachment.  But THEN I used it.  A Dremel is a wonderful thing.  I sanded the rust and flaky paint off, probably causing some deadly lung disease before I remembered to put on a mask.

I would have loved to test out some of the awesome new colors available in spray paint, but I already had a can of flat black I had bought for this very purpose a long time ago.  Plus, I thought black would look very classy against the freshly painted white trim on the outside of the house.

I think it does, don't you?

Thanks so much, Kate, for the inspiration to fix something up.  I can't wait for my next project!

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