Monday, August 15, 2011

Momma Needs a New Pair of Shoes

First, let me say this is NOT a sponsored post.  No one has offered me anything to write this.  Not saying I wouldn't accept if offered. 

You have heard my tale of woe about my feet.  You have seen a few of my desperate attempts to avoid going back to the orthopedist (he said he would put me in a boot or consider surgery if I came back and wasn't better, so I didn't.).

OT:  funniest conversation about this topic with my crazy liberal California brother.

B:  So, how's the working out going?
Me:  What working out?  I can't even walk one mile without my foot killing me!  I hate the gym and the exercise bike, and I can't afford a gym with a pool.  
B:  Did you get a recommendation for an acupuncturist?
Me:  Yes, I'm going to see him next week.
B:  Great!  What else have you tried?
Me:  Well, the orthopedist said he'd try a boot or surgery if I came back and wasn't better.
B:  Orthopedists!  All they want to do is immobilize or operate!  I can't believe they're still allowed to be called doctors!*

Anyway, back to my commercial.  I finally realized that the advice (by the orthopedist) that was most valuable was to wear good shoes.  He did not approve of the really cute flip flops I wore to his office.  He specifically mentioned Merrell, but noted that there are other good brands out there.

I know it's obvious, but I noticed that when I wore cute shoes, my feet were killing me.  A day in flip flops could leave me practically crippled.  Wearing my running shoes made the pain all but disappear.  For our Grand Canyon trip last year, my mother-in-law generously insisted on buying me a pair of these hideously ugly incredibly comfortable Keens.  I could live in these shoes.  My feet do not hurt if I wear them faithfully, including in the house while I'm on my feet cooking for hours.

But.  They aren't cute.  Not even a little bit.  They're not appropriate for work or Mass or lunch with the girls.  It was a choice between fashion and function.

Once again, my mother-in-law came to the rescue.  For my birthday this year she bought me not one but TWO pairs of these cute Merrell sandals.  Honestly, I love her.  She is so practical.  I protested that they cost too much, but she asked me to calculate how much I had already spent trying (unsuccessfully) to be not crippled.
  • Orthopedist Visit, complete with x-rays:  $40 copay, lots more for the insurance company
  • New running shoes with orthotic inserts and special cushioned socks:  $145
  • Acupuncturist, 3 visits:  $275
  • Advil, Aleve, Tylenol:  $25
  • Time lost icing my foot, elevating my foot, and generally laying around:  priceless
In other words, the shoes are worth it. And cute!

Toes:  Dutch Tulips by OPI

After one month of wearing ONLY these shoes, my running shoes, or my Keens, I am happy to report that the pain is, if not gone, under control.  I have been able to walk for exercise short distances and hope to work up to more. 

*The opinions of my crazy liberal brother do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this blogger.  Please do not write to me if you are an orthopedist.  Or an acupuncturist.  

Or a crazy liberal.  It's a term of endearment.

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  1. I am with you. When your feet hurt,think of me, because mine are probably hurting, too. I am back on the switching shoes bandwagon and I got a new pair of Merrell clogs (Encore?). My feet are better, my knee hurts less. Stay with the good shoes and kiss your MIL. She is a gem.


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