Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kicking off the Grand Plan!

Can you believe it's time already to kick off the Holiday Grand Plan?

Those of you who can't stand the C word before Halloween might want to plug your ears and sing "la la la" for the next several Sundays, because this is how I roll.  It is the only way to save my sanity and guarantee that I don't finish up football season with a full blown panic attack over how much there is left on my to-do list. 

This week we are making our lists.  Some people prefer to make cute binders, but I put all mine on a Numbers/Excel sheet.  If you would like a copy of the template, please feel free to email me at quiltinjenny AT gmail DOT com.

It's also the week the clean up your front door/porch area. Normally this one doesn't take too long because we don't have much of a porch, but we just cut down several large hollies near the door and had the outside of the house painted, so it could use a little TLC. 

In addition to a recipe for a meal that you can freeze to pull out on a crazy night, I'm also planning to post a weekly recipe for a treat and a DIY gift to share. If you are doing the plan with me, please link up.

Here we go!

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