Thursday, September 18, 2014

#TBT - Throwback Thursday - Little Man

Quiltin Jenny

It's Throwback Thursday here at Quiltin' Jenny, and I hope you'll link up and share your own creative adventures from your pre-blogging days.

Today's project is another one from my attempts at garment sewing. This may be the most impressive thing I've ever made, to be quite honest.

Back in 1998 my cousin was getting married. She is Deuce's godmother and she wanted him to be in her wedding. When she made that decision, My Middle Child (MMC) was barely a year old, so there were no plans to include him.

I found an adorable pale green suit for Deuce to wear as her ring bearer and thought we were all set; when she visited just a few months before the big day and realized how much MMC had grown up, she regretted not planning on both of them. Of course, finding a cute toddler suit in July was a whole different thing than finding one in February or March when everyone was planning for Easter! I couldn't find anything even close, so I decided to make one.

I hope you are all appropriately stunned by the insanity of this idea.

Anyway, I found some powder blue fabric, a pattern and, with Mom's help, we actually made a suit. We made a suit that fit and didn't fall apart in the middle of the ceremony. We made a suit that looked adorable! He came down the aisle with his brother, holding a calla lily to present to our grandmother in memory of our grandfather.  It was very sweet.

I can't believe this sweet boy is going to be 18 next week. He has made us laugh more times than I can count and is never at a loss for words. He's applying to college now; he's already been accepted to Alabama and Kentucky, so he has options. I'm more proud of him than I can say, and know I'm going to miss him like crazy next year!

Where does the time go?

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  1. That is the cutest thing ever!! I am very impressed with your garment sewing. They are adorable. I can imagine the oohs and ahhhs they must have received. Thanks for sharing!


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