Monday, September 8, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - Relying on Routine

It's Menu Plan Monday and I'm leaning hard on routine; I'm using familiar and favorite recipes, planning pasta for the night before a cross country meet, fish on the night Gracie won't be home for dinner, and a Saturday date night.

My Middle Child (MMC) just wrote an insightful college application essay about the importance of routines during time of stress, uncertainty, or chaos, and it really hit home for me at this busy time of year.

Speaking of college applications, we just got this in the mail Saturday:

 It's especially fun to get the first one. As he said, we know he's going to college somewhere!
What's on your menu?


  1. We are camping this week so we are having sausages steak and chicken but not sure on the order. Your recipes look good. As to college applications I just have to say "Roll Tide" Alabama university is where my friends daughter went. Fixit Guy has pjs with that elephant on it

  2. You just gave me goose bumps, congratulations to your first born! :) And I agree, when there's no routine everything seems to be out of place...

  3. Big congrats on the college acceptance!! I love routines too. Makes life easier and more productive!


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