Sunday, September 21, 2014

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It's Week 4 of the Houseworks Holiday Plan!

How was week 3? I made very little progress on our bedroom; however, we did a major purge and deep clean of the kitchen cabinets and pantry. I'm talking about pulling everything out of every drawer and cabinet, wiping down shelves and lining them with fresh contact paper. We went through the Tupperware cabinet and recycled any container or lid without a mate. We gathered a box for donation, threw away some broken stuff, and even cleared a whole shelf in the pantry for The Pit Boss's grill supplies. It was a very productive day, if slightly off schedule.

This week is about the kids' rooms; my kids are pretty much in charge of their own rooms, and they all did a deep clean right before school started, so I'm going to circle around and give my bedroom one more shot.

We've never done the Holiday Home Spruce Up Exercise before, but this would be the year. One of my goals is to have the house in good enough shape to host a couple of graduation parties in May. That means we have to start thinking ahead.

Halloween is pretty much just buying candy and putting out a few decorations now that the kids are older. I'm putting more thought into my costume and decorating for work than home these days!

As for celebrating Advent, I did a smart thing last year when putting away my holiday decorations. I put all of the Advent/Nativity things in one box and put it in the closet last. That way, even if I don't get to decorating until mid-December, I can pull out that one bin without digging through all the others trying to find candles, wreaths, and calendars.

How's it going at your house? What are you doing differently than last year?

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