Sunday, September 28, 2014

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It's Week 5!

How was week 4? It was pretty much a wash here. Grace spent the entire week trying to make up for the days she had been out sick, and I spent about an hour each night being the math teacher. (It paid off: she got a 97 on the test Thursday!) The level of stress put on these kids in 8th grade is just ridiculous.

Anyway, that meant I didn't get any extra cleaning or quilting done, and yesterday I used every spare minute to finish the binding on my star surround quilt and putting labels and sleeves on the other entries. 

This week is all about welcoming guests. Again, I just did a deep clean of the guest room a month or so ago for our Independence Day company, so it shouldn't take much to spruce up. We don't have too many guests, so it's really just to be prepared for the unexpected.

I do pull out some fall quilts and decorations, but keep those to a minimum.  Luckily the list for this week is not too long since next weekend is the quilt show and I know I won't be getting much extra done.

Next week I'll get back on track. I promise! How's it going at your house?

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