Saturday, March 23, 2013

Feedly/Bloglovin App Review

This isn't so much about a quilting app, but after all the discussion about Google Reader this past week I thought I'd throw in my two cents.

From my quilty friends, it seems that Feedly and Bloglovin are the two most common readers to switch over to.  After playing around with both, I think I'm going to use Feedly.

Here's why:

Pros (both)
  • very simple to transfer from Google Reader
  • Ability to like or save posts, even from the mobile app
Cons (both)
  • can connect to a Facebook User, but not a Facebook Page.  Bloglovin offers a profile picture, but it can only be pulled from Facebook.
Pros - Bloglovin
  • Ability to "claim" my blog and see who else is following me in Bloglovin
Cons - Bloglovin
  • My categories didn't transfer, so I need to go through and create them and reassign all of the blogs.  My "Starred" posts in Google Reader are gone.
  • There doesn't appear to be a way to manage the layout.  The only options I can find are to sort by blog or by date.
Pros - Feedly
  • Not only can I group my blog feeds into categories, but the categories I had in place in Google Reader transferred over.  My "Starred" posts in Google Reader were added to a Feedly category called "Saved."  Awesome!
  • Ability to change layout, "theme" (read: "colors"), social media feeds, and more.
On my computer, Feedly seems to be the winner.  But how do they hold up on my mobile devices?

The Bloglovin app works fine, but is not quite as intuitive to me. I keep finding that articles I read show up in the unread folder.  This may be user error and part of the learning curve, but I love when technology works the way you think it should!

Feedly has many more options.  It's very easy to go to your unread posts and flip through them with a simple swipe of a finger.

I really like the easy sharing to social media channels, right from my phone.

I didn't even bother downloading the Bloglovin app onto my iPad, but here's a glimpse of the Feedly app.  It's beautiful and easy to read.

Do you use a reader?  Do you have to switch from Google?  Which one do you like?

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  1. I've been using Feedly since the day they announced Reader going away, figured I should just go ahead and make myself change and get used to it... I really like it, especially the app on my android phone, I actually like using it more than the computer version. Haven't tried the ipad yet but will. The only kind of weird thing I have found is setting it up just the way you want to mark things as "read", this seems to take a bit of manipulation depending on how you read your blogs. Love all the ways you can customize it though. I bet they are so happy Reader is going away and I bet with all their new users they will continue to make improvements, I've already notices some updates just since two weeks ago.


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