Sunday, July 21, 2013

Texts From My Teenager - Where Did That Come From?

Now that I have a third teenager in my house, Gracie is doing her part to revive these blog posts.

I have to set the scene for you:  I was sewing one night last week while The Pit Boss read his book and the boys were in the basement jamming when I got a text message that made me double check which child it came from.

No, it wasn't from my college bound boy, already thinking about graduate school.  It wasn't from my rising junior, recently deluged with mail from colleges near and far.  It was from my newly minted thirteen year old girl, soon to be in the seventh grade.

Yes, my little girl has been browsing About.Com for college admission information, cross referencing veterinary schools with lacrosse rankings.

Just like Deuce's math skills and The Bear's musical talent, this is one of those personality traits that make me scratch my head and wonder, "Where did this kid come from?"  We are procrastinators at heart and my girl is such a planner.  She has calendars and to-do lists and even a bucket list already!  Amazing how they can be so alike and yet so different.

For the record, Cornell is definitely too far away. 


  1. There really isn't a #1 vet school. Admissions are mostly based on where you live so it isn't like one school gets all the best students. Use that argument on her.

  2. Grow up fast don't they? I love the planner in her.



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