Thursday, July 25, 2013

More Fun With Laminated Cotton

After I made my Rainy Day Bag, I had lots of laminate left over and I couldn't wait to play.  Luckily Deuce has his first real girlfriend, and she was considerate enough to have a birthday, so I had an excuse.

This little pouch with a pocket for your ID (or picture of your favorite guy!) is something I carry everywhere and have been wanting to duplicate for a long time.  Gracie and I stopped by JoAnn's on Sunday and picked up some clear vinyl.  It's in the back of the upholstery section at our store, just in case you don't feel like wandering aimlessly or trying to track down someone who actually works there. 

There are a few things I would adjust, but in general I'm happy with it.  Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures - I forgot to take any and had to sneak a couple with my phone after I had already given it to her.  Whoops!

She seemed to like it, and I think it's perfect for the girl who frequently misplaces keys, purse, etc.  Hopefully this will be useful at college so she can just tuck her student ID in the pocket and clip it to a lanyard or belt loop.

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