Thursday, July 19, 2012

WannaBees Get it Together

On Wednesday the WannaBees got together to check our progress on our group house quilt.  Well, we were supposed to get together, but only Laura, Jodi and I were able to make it.  Although we missed the others, it was so nice to see Jodi’s new sewing room and to sit quietly working together. 

Jodi's kitchen.  The focus "unity fabric" is the vase.
While Laura was embroidering her block and Jodi was appliqueing her second block, I was, unfortunately, unstitching.  And you know how much I hate that.

Laura's fabric choices for the dining room.  The "unity fabric" will be the seat cushions.

You would think I had learned my lesson last spring when I was having so much trouble with the Twin Engine quilts.  You would be wrong.

Yes, even though I vowed never again to use spray baste after the previous fiasco that couldn’t be explained by any other reason, I did it again.  I did it without even thinking of the repercussions or the irreversibility of it. 

I can blame it on haste, trying to get the block done before our get together; I can blame it on my forty-three year old memory, which gets worse by the minute.  After all, my previous machine had no trouble with the spray baste, and I happily quilted many spray basted quilts on that one. 

But the Pfaff, she is a more delicate flower and she likes what she likes.  When I have everything right she is a dream.  When I literally gum up the works, she revolts. 

I had gotten a bit of quilting done before I gave up in frustration.  When I showed Laura and Jodi, they had the exact same advice, advice I was loathe to follow, and I knew they were right. 

Rip it out. 

I pouted and argued and whined, but Jodi simply handed over her trusty Sammi Seam Ripper (have you met?) and went on with the conversation.  So there we sat, Laura embroidering and Jodi appliqueing, both making lovely progress, while I took two steps back.

But I’m so glad I did.  I ripped it out and threw the backing and batting right into Jodi’s trash.  The block itself is barely tacky at all, and I think it will be better when I give it another go. 

Sometimes it takes a good friend to point you in the right direction and sit quietly with you while you do the distasteful task.  Thank goodness for friends like these!

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  1. Sammi was happy to help. I can't wait to hear the applause online when you reveal the finished bedroom block! It is stunning.


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