Sunday, July 22, 2012

Overheard - Or Technology FTW

After I told Deuce he didn't have to hand wash the 7 (!!!) travel mugs The Pit Boss brought home from the office if they didn't all fit in the dishwasher.

Bear:  But Dad uses alluvia in his coffee so doesn't that attract ants?

Deuce:  Alluvia?

Me:  Truvia.  It's Truvia, not Alluvia.

Bear:  Then what's alluvia?

Deuce:  Some random word you just made up.

TPB:  Well, alluvial plain.

Me:  That's not alluvia.  Alluvia isn't a word.

TPB whips out his phone, types, and reads aloud:  Alluvia is the plural of alluvium.

Bear:  Right, and Dad would never just use one alluvium in his coffee.


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