Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On My Design Wall - Guild Challenge Blocks

Considering that our guild challenge is due in August this year instead of November (so they can be hung in the show) I thought I might want to get my act together.  I had been working on the blocks randomly over the last several months, but they got put aside along with everything else in my sewing room during the remo.

Over the last several days I've been alternating between working on the WannaBees challenge and this one, depending on my energy level and creative juices.  These blocks are perfect for listening to podcasts or stitching a few seams while dinner is in the oven; the bedroom block needs my full attention.

You'd think my 1 1/2" strip drawer would look emptier by now, but it's still pretty full.  The bins of fabric still in my basement are scary.  I could make scrap quilts until the cows come home and I'd have fabric left over.

I really do love these blocks, though, and think they do the story justice.  Here's a quick snap of the quilt in the book, Under the Quilt of Night :

Here's my blocks:

Sunshine and Shadows

Fields and Furrows

Straight Setting

Okay, in trying to decide which setting I like, I'm only just realizing while the photos are loading that I tried all but the one actually in the book.  Time to go lay them out again. 

Here we go:
Barn Raising
I'm not sure I like this one, just because I don't have enough blocks to get the whole picture.  Which one do you like best?  Do you think I need to stick to the book?

P.S.  Thanks to Quilter's Diary for the log cabin layouts. 


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  1. Jenny, I actually like Barn Raising best for exactly the reason that you don't have the whole picture. It looks modern and avant garde this way. So cool!


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