Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Green Quilts

In addition to our winners, we also had another twenty-two quilters participate in this year's challenge.  Here are just some of the memorable and unique:

Ben made a second challenge quilt as a joke.  This dog bed might not be very cozy, but it sure is green!  Made completely of dog treat wrappers, each section is stuffed with plastic grocery sacks. 

Rena shared these gorgeous rag rugs that she crochets with a giant hook.  They are made completely of old sheets cut into strips.

Laurie made this quilt called Global Warming.  She made this quilt entirely from her stash after being inspired by a visit to several national parks.  On the back she included a poem she found in one of the parks.  

Julie made the panels for this quilt of memories from a trip to Egypt completely out of recycled tea bags!  Her instructions read:  "Rinse them, let them dry, and oh yes...empty them before you use them."  The back, batting and binding all came from her stash. 

Doris wrote:  "Throughout the years, my mother-in-law has been giving me all of her leftovers from her quilting years...I came across these drunkard's path blocks.  The bubblegum  color really caught my eye...As I placed them together I noticed that they were not squared, so I undid all the blocks to the simple units.  I trimmed them, sewed them together by machine, and hand quilted them...I hope the person who made them is happy with the job I did!"  A pretty sure bet, Doris, since I can't think of any quilter who wouldn't love one more posthumous finish...and such a treasure!

Once again we had a bumper crop of challenge quilts and so much fun hearing all the stories. 


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  1. Love, love, love Global Warming. Definately now on my to-do list! It will be a great stash-buster.


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