Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holiday Grand Plan Week 12 - Upstairs/Downstairs

It's Week 12 of the Holiday Grand Plan!  I totally blew off last week, which supposed to be the garage. Oh well...that's the least of my worries!

This week is the week we're supposed to deep clean our attic and/or storage areas.  I don't know about you, but we don't store anything in our attic except the furnace and as much insulation as we can squeeze up there.  It just gets too hot in the summer for anything to survive intact.  My other main storage area is where I keep my holiday decor, an area we'll get to in two more weeks when we pull out the Christmas decorations. 

Instead, I use this week to have a full blown panic attack prepare for Thanksgiving company (my brother and his kids arrive in seven days!) and try to catch up on all the other weeks I've done a half-assed job on or, more likely, skipped completely. 

In other news, let's get going on any last minute goodies to share that we need for Thanksgiving.  I'll try to get the recipes up by tomorrow for Gram's stuffing and our old favorite, Calypso Pie.

In addition to the usual tasks, this week we're going to:
  • Make place cards and centerpiece.
  • Assign each food item a serving dish. I have these out on my dining room table with a note and utensil in each one.
  • Put any disposable foil bakeware needed on your grocery list.
  • Make sure the linens you plan to use are clean and pressed.  I go ahead and put these on the dining room table as well.
Are you playing along?  Just joining in?  Link up!

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