Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Day with an Angel

As I've mentioned a few times before, I wasn't one of those people who planned out the most convenient time to have children and then had everything go according to my plan.  One of the things that helped me survive that time was a mutual help support group called SHARE Atlanta.  The families I got to know as I grieved became some of my most trusted and beloved friends. 

Ten years ago, I helped get one of the Christmas Box Angels installed here in Georgia.  SHARE Atlanta had already collaborated with Arlington Memorial Park to beautify their Babyland section of the cemetery; a generous donor made it possible for the angel to be our centerpiece. 

Last Sunday we celebrated the memories of our children, and came together once again in love and support.  I was proud to bring Gracie to meet so many other children who came along after the heartbreak, and to introduce her once again to friends who hadn't seen her since she was a toddler.  She participated with several siblings in lighting the candles, and I read a poem written just for the occasion.

Holding on While Letting Go

Ten years later
I've learned to let go
in a hundred different ways.

My living children look back and wave


as they go
to kindergarten
spend the night
off in the car
on a date.

I know it's coming:

I've learned to hang on
a hundred different ways.

Some things never fade.
love of every shade

My fingers brush the wings of an angel
eternally hopeful
face forever tipped up to heaven
arms open, wings wide
holding on while letting go.

And I know
no matter how long I live
even when I'm a hundred
the love will stay
the memories will remain
the hope will blaze in my heart.

I've made two quilts for SHARE Atlanta.  One was a simple applique of the double heart logo and tagline, "The love stays...forever in our hearts."  The other I made with Pam; yes, that Pam.  Families designed quilt squares which I pieced and Pam machine quilted...back when we were both new at it and terrified, but sure we did not have time to hand quilt! Why can I not find the picture?

Although life goes on and is so good, I love to take time to remember how precious it truly is.  In the day to day rushing around and minor frustrations, it is easy to forget how beautiful and miraculous each one of us is.  I hope you have a moment today to sit and be calm and grateful for all the people who have touched your life, whether they are here with you still or gone long ago. 


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  1. Jennifer,
    This is very touching. Thanks for sharing the story and your poem. This is the 2nd poem I have seen on your blog - you are a gifted writer.
    Have a great day.


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