Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Grand Plan Week 14 - Deck the Halls

It's Week 14 of the Holiday Grand Plan!

I have been such a bad blogger.  I haven't shared half the recipes or tutorials I promised.  I haven't even given you the challenge update from last month's guild meeting!

BUT...the main floor of my house is pretty darned clean.  I had a little fit right before my cousin and my brother arrived for Thanksgiving and had a major cleaning binge to make up for all the weeks before when I gave it a lick and a promise.

Thanksgiving was lovely, with all the cousins camped out in my family room, far too much delicious food, and a birthday celebration for The Pit Boss.

And now we're down to crunch time.  This is the week to pull out your holiday decorations and tidy that area.  Give away any decorations that you no longer use or care for NOW when someone else might like them.  Pitch the stuff that's falling apart or doesn't work or smells funny.

We're going to mail any overseas cards and get our packages ready for the post office.

Find a Christmas tree and spend a quiet afternoon or cozy evening decorating it.

Are you making homemade gifts?  FINISH THEM, for Pete's sake!  You don't want to be whipping down binding on Christmas Eve.

And I'm going to try to download the 27,000 pictures from my camera so I can get at least partially caught up with all of you.

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