Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Grand Plan Week 18 - New Year's Week

We're done! We made it! We survived!

Now it's New Year's Week, and time to look ahead to 2011.

First, the debriefing. What worked? What would you like to change? What wasn't worth the trouble? Write yourself a note and put it in your brand new calendar for next year, right around Labor Day when the Holiday Grand Plan will begin again.

Second, write your thank you notes and help the kids do the same. Gratitude is good for your mood. Thank you notes may seem like a chore, but the recipient feels very appreciated when the note arrives.

Last, take down the tree and swap out your decorations for New Year's Eve. Here's a question: when do you normally take down the tree? I think I'll make a poll. My husband was raised in the south, and his family always took the tree down before midnight on New Year's Eve for good luck.

I remember the year our oldest was born on December 27.  I came home from the hospital after my c-section on December 30.  My husband and his mom took down the ornaments, and then he dragged the tree outside and even vacuumed up the needles himself.  He was not having any bad luck with his new baby son around! 

My mom was raised to keep the tree up through the Epiphany, when the Wise Men arrived with the gifts.  My informal research shows this to be prevalent throughout the northeast.

I know others who keep their (artificial) tree up for months.  Lazy as I am, I don't think I could do it.

What's your style? 

Have a great week!

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