Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Few Homemade Gifts - Part I

I didn't get too carried away with the homemade gifts this year, but I did manage two new Kindle covers. One was for my mother-in-law, who bought one for her own birthday,  and featured photos from our trip out west this summer.

To make this, I put a collage of photos into a Word/Pages document and printed it out onto my favorite photo transfer fabric.   Then I added about an inch border on each side, two inches at the top, and another six at the bottom, and followed my easy version of the pattern.  For the record, she loved it.  My in-laws also got a photo book of the trip that turned out better than I could have hoped. 

Then there was cousin Judy.  She got a Kindle for Christmas.  I wanted to do something truly unique for this well-read book lover.  I decided to use classic book covers.  Instead of making a collage in Pages, like the one above, I printed out the covers in various sizes on the photo fabric. 

...and found a cute bunch of black and white fat quarters to set them off.  I cut assorted strips of each, ranging from 2" - 3 1/2" and bordered each book cover.

Then I cut them slightly askew...

...and sewed them together to get a 10" x 18" top, before assembling like the others.

This is the front...

...and the back...

...and what it looks like open.

What did you make this year?  Was it stressful or fun?  Successful or a headache?  Share!


  1. Great Kindle covers - I am sure they were appreciated.

  2. Those are so clever! I made socks and a baby hat, all of them probably too small for the little recipients.


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