Thursday, December 9, 2010

Going to Guild - Holiday Party

Our guild's annual holiday party is an event to remember.  Ben organizes a smorgasbord of delicious food, while Suzanne plans the entertainment.  There are games, trivia, mixers, and it all culminates in our auction.

The secret to the auction is that you can't use real money.  All year long we accumulate "Quilt Bucks" by donating charity quilts or pillowcases and participating in challenges.  This year, Kathy had plenty of "cash," but also won a prize for making the most pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer.  She made one a day for 2010 - turning in 366 pillowcases before the November meeting!  Here's the runner up and only slightly sore loser, Rena, giving Kathy her prize.

On the night of the party you can earn even more by being on time, bringing a dish to share, and dressing up for the theme.  This year's theme went with our challenge, Home is Where the Stars Are, so you got a Quilt Buck for every item you had on with a star on it.  Some of us take this further than others. 

It's all worth it, though, when you see all the loot that's been donated by our great local quilt shops. 

Some quilters are experts at spending every bit, but this little elf had some left over.

You can also win a batch of challenge blocks, like this year's stars on a black background. 

Lynn and Lene both managed to snag a batch.  We may be seeing these at bee for a long time to come!

I was quite happy with what I brought home.

How does your guild celebrate?

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