Friday, May 22, 2009

The Nest

For those of you who get my posts in a reader, you might not have noticed this new button in my sidebar from The Toby Show:

They have robins nesting in their front porch planter, and Jonah Lisa is documenting it via "Nest Cam." You can click on the link to see the daily updates which, so far, amounts to a beautiful, perfect, new, blue egg a day. So far there are three, and the family has gone to some great lengths to keep the area free from any stress for the robins. This makes me smile every time I click on it, especially as my own nest is going through some changes.

Yes, I dropped off my 8th grader at school for the last time today. Graduation is Tuesday evening after nine years in the same old carpool line. It feels like only yesterday that I strapped a very newborn Gracie into her carseat and took him to his first day of kindergarten; now he is registering for high school (Driver's Ed - EEK!). Where does the time go?

It's a race to the finish on his Bento Box quilt, of course. I've quilted all the cross hatching, all of the border half-squares, and 7 of 17 of the middle squares. I made my binding and realized I am a little short, so I need to add a strip. Hopefully by Sunday it will be done, although I want the label to include the picture from his first day of school and one from graduation.

Yes, my nest is feeling a little dusty and quiet. Spring sports have ended and summer break is almost here. We are due for a big clean, but not today. No, today I think I will listen to the baby birds out my window and take some time for a little quilt therapy.

How about you?

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