Friday, May 29, 2009

Teachers You Remember

Remember the teacher you first truly loved? The one who made books come alive, or who introduced you to heroes throughout history and made them into real people instead of homework assignments?

Mine was my 3rd grade teacher. I remember learning cursive writing and starting our multiplication tables. I still have the big children's dictionary that came with her class, and I remember the freedom she gave to look up any word we wanted during reading groups - we could just get up out of our seats and go look!

Gracie had a year like that this year. Ms. B. and Mrs. K. are both fairly new to our school (while I'm an old timer after nine years), and it was a breath of fresh air try new projects and learn new things along with them. Their passion for social studies and out-of-the-box learning made everyday subjects so much more fun.

I wanted to thank them in a special way, so I decided to make them a Summer Survival bag. I used the Schlep Bag pattern - a quick and easy favorite - in patriotic colors for Ms. K. She is retired Air Force, and the proud mom of two little boys, so I thought this would suit her. I used jewel tones for Ms. B., who has a beautiful daughter just a bit older than Gracie. I'm know how daughters might like to "borrow" Mom's things from time to time, and these fabrics would work for either of them.

I added a great summer paperback for each of them: The Memory Keeper's Daughter for Ms. B. and Certain Girls for Mrs. K.Then I threw in a Frappuccino,
...some purse sized hand sanitizer, sunblock, gum, etc. It was pointed out to me (by whom I won't say!) that a key summer survival item was missing; however, I wasn't sure if I was allowed to bring alcohol into the school so they will have to provide their own!

I am so grateful to these two wonderful teachers for making it a great year. We were a little anxious to say goodbye to the previous second grade teacher who taught my sons, and whom we loved, so we feel extra blessed that the school found someone to fill those big shoes. How did we get so lucky?

It was a bittersweet goodbye today, but we know that we will always remember this very special year. I hope everyone has a terrific summer!

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