Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Better tUesdays

One of the best blogs I read is Joshilyn Jackson's Faster Than Kudzu. I literally laugh out loud, adore her husband and kids (no, I've never met them), wish I could write like that, and find myself nodding along with her bouts of crazy.

I also need to lose weight and, as my 40th birthday nears, grow increasingly frantic - while at the same time paralyzed by the impossibility of the task before me. So when Joshilyn mentioned the Go Red for Women program to make healthier choices, she got my attention. When she said it didn't start until June 1, AFTER graduation and the rest of the current chaos in my life, I was very interested. And when she added that it was just a kickoff to a healthier lifestyle, lasting only 6 weeks, I was sold. Guess what is exactly 6 weeks after June 1. No...guess. My 40th birthday!

I'm joining Joshilyn's posse, and I invite you to do the same. I'm not revealing any actual numbers here (except that my blood pressure was a very nice 112/ 70 when my allergies were killing me last week, and that should count for something!), but hopefully posting weekly progress will go better than last year's Healthy Habit Mondays. (Shut UP!)

Who's in?

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  1. Hey there! I found your blog through Google Alerts on Go Red. I work for AHA in NYC and am so excited to read that you're going to be a part of this program. Hooray! Now I've got my eye on you to see how you do. :)

    Best of luck!!


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