Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Modern Blocks Quilt Along - Pinball Machine

Allison is on vacation so Brye and I are alternating every other day this week.  I hope these posts aren't boring you, but I guess something quilty is better than my normal rambling or nothing at all, right?

Right. ~nod nod nod~

Today's block is called Pinball Machine by Jessica Brown.  I LOVE this block.  It would make such a cute quilt with lots of motion and places for awesome quilting.  I originally picked it in honor of The Pit Boss, but I would definitely make this quilt.

Cutting all the different sized pieces out for one was a little bit tedious and time consuming because they are all slightly different, but I think if you were cutting a bunch of them it would get much easier.  Once cut, though, it went together in a snap!

This is one of the blocks where I love mine as much as the one in the book. 

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