Monday, January 2, 2012

December Book List

I've just wrapped up my New Year's resolution to read fifty-two books in 2011.  December was busy as usual, and I got bogged down in a Sherlock Holmes collection, but I finally squeezed in the last two during my post-Christmas relaxation.

This month I read The Affair by Lee Child.  This is the prequel to the other Reacher books, which I love.  Normally we buy these the minute they come out, read them at a gluttonous pace, and then move on.  This time The Pit Boss decided to download it onto his iPad, so I couldn't get my hands on it for awhile.  Luckily he moved on to a "real" book this week and gave me a chance to read this one.  It was excellent and answered a lot of questions from the series.

I also read The Fair Tax Book by Neal Boortz and John Linder.  In my political discussions with my crazy liberal California brother (that's a term of endearment, by the way) we have discussed The Fair Tax at length.  He had questions I couldn't answer - good questions.  I sent him the book for his birthday and sat down to read it myself in the interest of furthering our discussions.  I think it's a must read.

That puts me at exactly fifty-two books in fifty-two weeks!  YIPPEE!!

How are your 2011 resolutions going?

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