Sunday, September 15, 2013

Holiday Grand Plan - Week 3 - Come on In!

Holiday Grand Plan

It's Week 3 of the Holiday Grand Plan and we're cleaning out our Entry/Foyer this week.  Unless that's not working for you. 

Last week we were supposed to do the living room, which is when I usually do my office; however, once we decided to have friends over to watch Alabama beat Texas A&M, I called an audible and switched to deep cleaning the family room.

That's what you need to remember about planning ahead.  This is not to stress you out.  This is not to start the holidays way too soon.  This is about the exact opposite - making sure that you get to enjoy and appreciate the season without being overwhelmed by the extra tasks. 

If this week you are expecting company and need to deep clean the guest room instead of the entry, go for it.  If your child's birthday is coming up and you want to get the playroom or their bedrooms taken care of first, that's an awesome idea.  Make it work for you. 

For example, this week's list includes buying two canned items; one to tuck away for a holiday meal and one to donate to the food pantry.  I don't do this.  I can't think of very many canned items I even use anymore, and our food pantry has a wish list of items that I buy when they are on sale. 

This week's traditional list also reminds us to buy film, camera batteries, and blank videotapes.  Raise your hand if you use any of those things.  Yep, that's what I thought.  Just cross it off the list!

The tasks I try never to skip, though, are the freezer meals.  They are a lifesaver even during the "normal" times of the year.  This week's freezer meal is going to be Skinny Chicken Cordon Bleu

I also enjoy this week's start to baking and freezing treats.  This is one way to ensure that my old favorites don't get lost in the chaos.  I'll be making a double batch of Peanut Butter Fingers so I can bring some to Deuce on Friday when we visit him for Family Weekend. 

I'm doing the happy dance and counting the days!  Have a great week!

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  1. I am going to try the skinny chicken cordon bleu on my next freezer meal day!! Thank you!


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