Monday, May 6, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Skinnytaste Crock Pot Challenge

I have an ulcer.

Yeah. That's the upshot of all these stupid tests I've been having. Unfortunately - and this is not something a doctor says every day - my ulcer is not big enough. That is, it's not big enough to explain why I'm so anemic, so they are doing more tests.  I am probably - at this very moment - swallowing some vile tasting liquid that shows up on x-rays and probably isn't all that great for you either.  (Thank you, auto post.) 

As a result of the many doctor's appointments I've had in the last five months, I've also had to get on the scale more times than I normally do in an average...year?...and so it's been pounded into my head that I am overweight.  Like I didn't know that already.

All that to say that I'm really working hard to plan meals, avoid eating out as much as possible, and eat healthier.  The Pit Boss is happy because he would like to lose a few pounds himself, and because the home cooking thing dovetails so nicely with our Dave Ramsey Ramen noodle diet budget plan.

I'm going to join up with Menu Plan Monday as a way of keeping myself accountable.  Also because The Pit Boss has come up with a fun challenge this week to keep life interesting, and I thought I'd share.

I was looking for crock pot recipes on one of my favorite healthy recipe sites, Skinnytaste, when TPB suggested we take a challenge to incorporate some new dishes into our rotation.  His idea was to try the first six recipes that came up in the crock pot category.  We each got one skip.  They did not have to eaten in that exact order.

Here's our challenging menu for the week.  Actually, I think it looks great.  As a bonus, he went to the store yesterday while I was at the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild meeting, so he's on the Husband of the Year list.

What did we skip?  I skipped the Picante Chicken and Black Bean soup because a) the Bear doesn't like beans; b) it's May and eating soup just feels wrong (even though it has been rainy and cold all weekend); and c) there's already a lot of poultry on this menu.  TPB skipped the Santa Fe Chicken for mostly the same reasons.  I think I've made that one before, though,  and it was good.

So tell me, do you menu plan?  What are you eating this week?  


  1. These recipes sound really good. I am also trying to lose some weight and stopped eating ice cream regularly (e.g. keep it as a treat now) and eat smaller portions. The ice cream helped marginally with the weight, but shaved 19 points off my LDL Cholesterol, which was an added bonus. Thanks for sharing these recipes, I am going to see about trying some of them.

    PS Thanks for linking to my blog! JL

  2. Ouch on the ulcer and I hope they figure out what else may be going on. Thanks for the recipes. I don't cook much for many reasons and this may help.


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