Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Going to Guild - Anita Heady

Last night was the Chattahoochee Evening Stars guild meeting, and our guest was Anita Heady of Sewcial Studio. I have no pictures to show you, partly because a lot of her presentation was on screen (although she did have most of the quilts there to show and pass around afterwards) and partly because I got there a little late and didn't get a seat conducive to photography.  However, you can see her gorgeous work in the gallery of her website and skip the lopsided pictures I normally bring you with people's fingers and backs of heads around the edges.

I did snap this one shot with my phone of an interesting quilting design she did on one block of her Morning Glories quilt.  I'm not sure why this jumped out at me, but each block was quilted differently and I just loved this one.  In this block you see examples of her string piecing, some of her hand dyed fabrics, and the way she cuts string blocks apart or assembles them in non-square shapes and puts them back together to create her design.

Anita shared some of her tips and techniques for her beautiful and unique string quilts in the program called Stretching the String.  She has made this style of piecing modern and fresh in her work, and there is nothing old fashioned looking about it.  Anita and her husband also brought some goods from their brick and mortar store, including many hand dyed fabrics.  He apparently does some rust dyeing as well, although I didn't spy any of the pieces there. 

It was a busy meeting that included a sneak peek of the design for our next raffle quilt and a show and tell line that had more members standing than sitting in the audience.  People have been busy!

I sneaked out early because, despite what I keep telling myself and everyone else, I am tired.  My test yesterday went very well in that it didn't take long and everything looks good; the only downside is that they still don't know why I'm anemic.  Blech!

Now I've got to get to work so I can join the line next month for Show and Tell!

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