Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolution - Queen of the UFOs

Oh, how I love a new day, week, year! Even better this year when January 1 was on a Saturday. New Year's Day is a holiday, so I never really want to start my resolutions in the morning and then eat a big dinner of pork and black eyed peas and collards that afternoon (usually followed by dessert...AGAIN!).

This year we got January 1 to relax, and then today, Sunday, January 2 to plan and resolve.

I have lots of resolutions. The first ones are quilty. I was the last crowned Queen of the UFOs on Stashbusters for 2010 and finished in the nick of time to avoid a penalty.

This year I managed to complete 38% of the 13 UFOs I listed one year ago:
  1. Susan's Quilt
  2. The Green (and Purple) Quilt
  3. Orange Crush
  4. WannaBee at the Ocean (not originally listed for some reason)
  5. Mom's Quilt
  6. In the Beginning well as several Kindle covers and other small projects.

I am taking honest stock of my 2011 UFOs and WIPs.  There are so many!

Jewel Box Jacket - haven't finished because I can't remember the "safe place" I put the remaining precut pieces

Grace's Minkee quilt - which only lacks the binding.  I bought pink satin blanket binding for it years ago and put it in yet another "safe place."  I can't bring myself to buy it again. UPDATE:  I found it while I was cleaning out my UFOs!  This is first on my list to finish!  (Too bad the Jewel Box Jacket pieces weren't with it.)

Breast Cancer Quilt - more of a WIP than a UFO, but I work on it in bursts

Cut Ups 4" Block Swap Quilt - needs to be sandwiched and quilted, always a bump in the road for me

President's Quilt - ditto

Winnie-the-Pooh quilt - another twin sized quilt with no planned home.  I lost interest.  It only lacks a border for the top to be complete.

Purple quilt - I won these blocks in a guild block swap, put them together on point, and now the edges are all wavy and wonky. 

Home Guild Challenge - the only new 2010 UFO.  I'm so disappointed I didn't finish this.

Halloween Round Robin  - Not on the original list -a guild challenge from several years ago.

 Christmas Round Robin - Not on the original list - ditto

Pam's Gift   - Not on the original list - this was a Christmas gift ages ago from a quilting buddy.  I kept thinking I'd add to it, but never found the right fabric.  It just needs to be quilted so I can move along!

Purple Medallion  - Not on the original list - I won this at the guild Christmas party and never finished it.  Again, thought I would add to it.  I may just re-donate it to the party so someone who loves it can have it.

Sunshine and Shadow  - Not on the original list - This is probably my oldest UFO now that Mom's quilt is done.  It was my attempt to make a king sized quilt that I could quilt myself, in sections.  I would love to finish it as I still love it.

Charity Quilt   - Not on the original list - just some strips that I used as leaders and enders and then practiced my free motion quilting.  Binding almost done!

And my WHIMs as well (none of these have been started, but they all have to get done this year):
  1. Baby Boy Quilt 1
  2. Baby Boy Quilt 2
  3. Jamie and Joe's Baby Quilt
  4. Guild Challenge
  5. The Bear's Graduation Quilt
If I could finish one of these every 2-3 weeks I'd clear the decks by 2012!  Can you imagine?  (No, me neither.)

True confessions time:  How many UFOs do you have?


    1. Those are some great quilts. I really like the log cabin.

    2. You have taken the most important step which is to evaluate what you have... with a bit of time management and focus you'll complete these or you could consider giving them away to a worthy cause...Keep inspired.


    Thanks for joining the conversation!

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