Sunday, September 6, 2009

Houseworks Holiday Plan Week 2 - Calendar and Creativity Week

The first week of Houseworks Holiday Plan went pretty well. I have purged and shredded and freecycled and pitched like crazy. I didn't get my French memo board made, but the office is clean. My Master Gift List is made (and trimmed significantly). I have a few ideas and will add more as time goes on.

Week Two is Calendar and Creativity Week. The highlights for me will be a major clean and purge of my crafting area, an endless task. This includes taking an inventory of UFOs (GULP!) and if there are more than four (IF! HA!) then promising not to take on any new tasks. This is also the week to make a list of "gifts to make" and collect the patterns and materials required. I believe the only thing on that list will be the same as every year for the past umpteen years, which is to finish my mom's quilt. This year I hope to cross it off my list!

The other big job is to organize the calendar. We don't travel out of town for any holidays, but I do use this week to schedule service for the furnace, piano tuning, exterminator, and carpet cleaning.
  • Monday - Pull out fabric, dust shelves and bins, and refold/stack.
  • Tuesday - Schedule appointments and organize calendar through December.
  • Wednesday - Empty, clean, declutter, and organize kids' art cabinet.
  • Thursday - Organize books and notions; make a stack to give away on blog or at guild.
  • Friday - Go through UFOs and make a list. Decide if any could become PIGs.
  • Saturday - Decide on gifts to make and bundle supplies and patterns together.
What is your creative space like? Neat as a pin and ready for your next adventure? Or always creatively messy? Do your homemade gifts get done in time or are you searching for a substitute on Christmas Eve? Looking forward to comments.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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