Thursday, April 9, 2009


The thing I hate most about quilting - this is a no-brainer! Isn't it the same for everyone? I hate ripping out when I've made a mistake. Faced with too much of it, I have been known to abandon a project completely or, if fabric is plentiful, chuck the messed up piece and start over. Wasteful and lazy, but I HATE it.

Sometimes in my impatience and desperation I resort to this:

At the same time, the thing I love most is figuring out a way to do something better, faster, and more economically. I don't just mean financially by using less fabric and saving actual cash, but also economy of time and movement. That is why, when I was trying to figure out a Bento Box pattern, I was excited to find this tutorial that saved several sewing and cutting steps.

I figured out how much fabric I needed to make a twin sized quilt, and how to cut the pieces out so that I could get the exact number I needed from a half-yard of each fabric. It came together so perfectly once I did it that I will definitely put it all into a post when I am done (or at least done enough to post a picture of the quilt top). It is easy enough for a beginner and - without time for my mistakes and ripping out - would be such a quick quilt if you needed a gift.

I love when the lightbulb goes on so I can get back to this:

I hope your day is frustration free!


  1. Please don't try to use a rotary cutter to rip seams out. If you must use something sharper than seam ripper, use one of these: When used properly it does a very effective job of "unsewing" and is safer than a rotary cutter, but not by much. You are less likely to accidently cut your fabric with this.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try that handy-dandy looking thing.

    I have to laugh at your comment, though. Only a fellow quilter would be worried about accidentally cutting the fabric before accidentally cutting a finger! ;o)

  3. I hate ripping too.

    BTW, if you want another easier way of making a Bento Box, I've got it. My way, you don't have two blocks that are the same.


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