Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blogoversary Giveaway Day 5

For the fifth day of blogoversary giveaway week, my true love gave to meeeeeeee...this Peace sign necklace from

My friend, Mary, has been making jewelry for several years now, and most of my daily favorites come from her. She has some wonderful gifts, especially at this time of year for Mother's Day, First Holy Communion, teacher gifts, and graduations.

I am a very lucky girl because Mary has been known to give my husband a call and let him know when I admire a new piece of hers. He appreciates the help and I love a gift that I will wear frequently.

Remember to link back to your blog, sign in as one of my followers in the sidebar, and today tell me about your favorite piece of jewelry. I would say mine (besides my wedding and engagement rings!) is this, also by Mary.

Happy Wednesday! The weekend is in sight!

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