Thursday, July 3, 2008

At Last (Updated 8/12/11)

I put the finishing touches on our anniversary quilt yesterday and spread it on our bed. My husband was so impressed when he came home and saw it finally finished. I showed him the label with the totally unoriginal name (from the pattern) "Yesterday, Today, and Forever," and he said I should have called it "At Last."

Ha ha ha. What a comedian. I've always said I love him for his sense of humor.

But he's right. It is a major feeling of accomplishment to sleep under a quilt that I made. Not just a nap under a lap quilt, but a real big bed quilt. Unfortunately it is July in Georgia, so it was kind of hot, but that just means we'll be cozy all winter.

I love how the colors turned out; I love how the red center looks like the heart of the quilt; I love looking at all of the different scraps and remembering where some of them came from or what quilt they were left over from or wishing I could find more of that fabric.

Then while we were watching TV last night, I started doing some of the handwork on my Serenity Quilt (from the Fiber on a Whim class). This is what I have so far:

Any suggestions on what more to add or should I stop now before it goes over the top?
Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!

Update 8/12/11:  after being asked by a reader about the pattern for my king sized quilt.  It is called Yesterday, Today, and Forever by Hazel Metcalf.  I cannot find a website for Hazel, but there is an email address:  hmetcalf AT bellsouth DOT net.  I hope that helps if you are interested.  Also, the pattern calls for 9" finished blocks (3" finished squares) and makes a 90" square quilt.  I wanted king size, so I used 3 1/2" finished squares for 100 10 1/2" blocks.  The finished size was 105" square.


  1. Good for you for putting it on your bed and using it!! Sad how so many quilts are put away. Thanks for sharing, KalamaQuilts

  2. Nice job on the KS quilt!


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