Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Stash - Finally!

I haven't been linking up with Sunday Stash for awhile now because there hasn't been anything to share. I've managed not to take in any new fabric, but I haven't finished anything either.

However, this week I'm thrilled beyond words to tell you that String Spider Web is FINISHED and dropped off at the East Cobb Quilt Show, Georgia Celebrates Quilts!

What I didn't realize until I sat down to write this post is that I didn't take a picture of it all done. The good news is that I'll see it hanging in the show at the preview party on Wednesday night and can take a picture then. 

I can't even begin to imagine how much fabric I used with all the string piecing and the pieced back, but I'm going to put it at 9 yards total. I'm really happy to cross this 4 year old UFO off my list and check that yardage out of my stash.

Additionally, I completely forgot to calculate the yardage I gave away. I didn't measure before I brought a whole box of fabric to guild last month for the "Free to a Good Home" table, but again I'm going to guess at 5 yards. I love that the whole box, plus several hardback books and some patterns, were gone in an hour! I think a lot of it was taken by the charitable service committee, but I'm not sure enough to add it to my "used for charity" column. 

I'm still in the red, but the gap is closing. One more decent sized finish would get me back on the right side of zero.

  • Fabric Used this Week: 9 yards
    • Fabric Used year to Date: 21.5 yards
  • Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
    • Fabric Added Year to Date: 23.5 yards
  • Net Fabric for 2017: -2 yards used
  • Used for Charity Year to Date: 2.5 yards
    • Percentage Used for Charity: 33%

See more stash reports at Molli Sparkles!

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  1. No problem. There is always a next time :)


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