Wednesday, May 31, 2017

WiP Wednesday - Hip to Be Square

No, that's not a reference to Pam's podcast, although Episode 218 of The Stitch TV Show did play a large role in this week's post.

I finally finished quilting the String Spider Web quilt, and decided to take another leap forward in my process by blocking a quilt for the first time ever. Thanks to The Stitch Girls and some advice from Leah Day, I worked up the courage to try this even though I have to turn the quilt in on Saturday and have no time to mess this up!

string spider web bonnie hunter block quilt t-pin

I really wanted to wash this quilt since I've been working on it for EVER! I didn't think a spray bottle of water was going to be sufficient, and dunking it in the tub ala Leah Day sounded like a huge pain. Another Jenny, Jenny Lyon, washes hers in the washing machine, and that seemed like the way to go. I was a nervous wreck while it went through the spin cycle, wondering if one of those strips of fabric would bleed or if the unbound edges would fray badly. Amazingly enough, there was almost no fraying and the color catchers did their job. Hallelujah!

blocking quilt show insulation project panel binder clip

The Pit Boss and I picked up these insulating squares at Home Depot last week, and some T pins from JoAnn's. I was sure I bought enough to put them every inch, but you know that math is not my jam. They're every inch-and-a-half, and I think that will be fine. 

blocking quilt show insulation project panel binder clip

The squares just barely fit on my sewing table, and I held them together with binder clips so they wouldn't shift. 

string spider web bonnie hunter block quilt t-pin

I have the ceiling fan on high, and now I'm just waiting for the quilt to be dry enough to trim and bind. 

What are you working on?

P.S. The color in these pictures is crazy! I swear to you that the insulation panels are lavender and the carpet is beige, not green. It's like some weird version of the gold/white/black/blue striped dress.

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  1. Can't wait to see it hanging in the show!!


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